“HiMemo” Version 1.3.0 has been released, introducing HiMemo2 in the app.(Oct 1/2023)


  • アプリ内で”HiMemo2″のご紹介を表示するようにしました。



  • HiMemo2は、HiMemoの高機能版です。Apple Watchと連携するなど機能が追加され、UIも改善されています。
  • HiMemo で入力したデータは、HiMemo2に自動的に引き継がれます。
  • App Store よりダウンロード可能。完全無料です。

Version up information

  • An introduction to the “HiMemo2” is now displayed in the app.

Using iOS15 or later, get “HiMemo2”, now!
Support for “HiMemo” will end.

Introducing “HiMemo2”

      • HiMemo2 is an enhanced version of HiMemo. Functions such as cooperation with Apple Watch have been added, and the UI has also been improved.
      • Data entered in HiMemo will be automatically transferred to HiMemo2.
      • Available on the App Store. Completely free.